Monday, October 12, 2009

Elize 3rd Birthday Party and Potty Training

Yesterday we celebrated Elize's 3rd birthday. It was a small party. We invited my sister who has a 4 year old and my cousin who has a 2 year old. My mom came with her step kids who are grown and my mother in law came with my husband's brother wife and 10 year old daughter. That was it! And yet it was the most hectic day ever. We woke up and went straight to cleaning up, breakfast and decorating. Party started at 4 and these little toddlers are a handful. So now I'm back to potty training and I'm about to give up. She is a 3 year old who is smart enough and understands what the toilet is. The girl is LAZY! I just can't take it. I have put so much energy into this over the last few weeks and it's not working. I'm either gonna cry or give up. Ugh don't know what else to do. I have talks with her, I show her potty training videos, I posted pictures of her around so she can see them and remind herself to go and I take her with me to the bathroom when I go. So now what?


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