Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little Black Shop

Finally I have the perfect vision for what I want. Notice I have also changed the name of this blog from Starting my own Fashion Line to Little Black Shop. I got this idea yesterday for a boutique called the Little Black Shop. I want to design a line inspired by Chanel's "little black dress". It would be a line designed once or twice a year only. Small production. Designed all in black, grey's and charcoals. It's NYC and people here wear black all year round. The "little black dress" has become a staple of every woman's closet so I can't really go wrong. While the line is inspired by the little black dress, I plan on designing more of a collection, pants, dresses tops, outerwear, skirts etc. The other idea that goes along with this is that I would offer a series of fabrics in different, colors, textures, and prints that customers can choose to customize their outfits. They would be able to choose from one of the existing designs and have their order customized in just a few short weeks. I want to develop this idea the same way that Room and Boad (furniture company) does theirs. I want the boutique and e-commerce.

In other news...I went downtown yesterday to buy fabric. I didn't know what I was going to make but I had an idea for fabric. I was so inspired by Elie Saab's collection that I wanted to find an ivory cloth with texture and make something. Well I didn't find what I was looking for in ivory but I found it in black. I bought the fabric and started sketching a bit in my book. I think it was this that inspired the little black shop idea. So I already have the design I am making, I'm super excited.
My sister also wants me to make her a dress she saw in a magazine, so I'm gonna do that also. Also gonna start designing the little black shop line. So don't steal my idea ;-).



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