Friday, August 21, 2009

Random Things (Mostly Negative - Sorry but It's Real)

Summer is coming to an end.
Time to focus again. Kids go back to school.
Grown-ups get back to work.
The depression is kicking in now.
I keep getting calls for freelance that lead no-where.
I haven't had an interview for a full time position in ages.
My girls don't have health coverage and it scares me.
I'm ready to cut the cable and get the HD Antenna.
I'm ready to cut the home phone and keep the cell.
Girls need clothes.
Savings is getting low.
I emailed all the companies I freelanced for in the past and gave them my info to contact me incase they need any additional help.
HS Classmate has launched her own line (I wouldn't have expected any less she's brilliant)
Former colleague launched his own line (He's super smart)
Should I just get into some other field of work? Maybe there's other things I can do
Summer has been great.
How long am I supposed to stay optimistic for? Tyler Perry persisted for about 15 yrs approx, before he was successful, was even homeless.
Lucky to have 2 healthy beautiful girls, a home and great husband. (Let's not forget my mom too, she's great)
Don't really want to be a Stay at Home Mom or House Wife, I'd rather be a working mom.
I want to set an example to my girls that women are more than just mothers and wives, and that they have real contributions they can make to society.
I don't know that's it for now. I might edit this later cause I don't think I should even publish it.


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