Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting Started

How does one get started creating their own line and building a smart successful, profit making business with quality and integrity? This actually might be a silly question because I graduated in 2001 with a BS in Fashion Design and have been working in the Fashion Industry every since.

The thing is that when you go to school to study design very little time is spent on the business aspect of it and there is so much focus on sewing. Why is that? And not having the financial resources and funding that an established company has, makes it all the more difficult to launch a business like this on your own. What I do have, is strong supportive family and group of friends. Beginning with my husband, he along with my family and friends believe in me 100%. It’s very flattering! Thank You :-)

Now that I have been spending more time at home I put together my design illustrations for women and men of constant ideas and inspirations that come to mind. I want to produce it and I do believe that I can market and sell my designs.

I took my first step today and contacted the GIDC a non-profit organization for the fashion industry in NYC. They help Designers and Manufactures build and maintain a business here in NYC and they have many resources. I hope they get back to me soon.

I need to get started and create a sample line of all my designs, source low minimum fabric and a factory with low cost and low cutting minimum for production out of NYC, lol.

I don’t even know if that is realistic but hey, I might as well find out.

That’s it for now.



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