Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Weekend

What a weekend! Wooh! Farrah, Micheal, and even Billy Mays. I'll just say I want to live long enough to see my daughters grow up and lead happy and successful lives. Hard to design with thoughts of Michael Jackson and all the media honoring him.

On a lighter note, I made a great business connection on Saturday. I was sitting in McDonalds waiting for my husband and I overhead the conversation of two ladies sitting behind me. I guess they were having a little business meeting there. Basically a sample maker with at least 32 years experience who is now retired but does still do some work from home. From listening to her conversation it seemed she was totally legit and knew what she was doing. I waited until they're meeting was finished and asked if the sample maker would take some time to sit with me and talk. I have her number and looks like I got myself a sample maker to start developing my line.

I'm excited


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