Thursday, June 18, 2009

Identifying the mission statement for my business

It was pretty obvious yesterday I need to re-design my line and make it true to who I am. The designs I have done for the Spring 2010 so far are great I think but they don’t personify who I really am. My new designs will be more true to who I am and will reflect my core design values.

Ok so what are my values?

I believe that design doesn’t have to be complicated. The designs don’t have to be tricked up with all types of trims and unusual shapes that don’t flatter my figure. I can appreciate a dress that has basic deign elements in a really beautiful fabric or color. I can appreciate a dress that is more form fitting to flatter my curvy figure, and I can appreciate a dress that makes me look sexy without being trashy, hey what woman doesn’t right? I see beauty in modern simplicity and clean lines.

So there you have it...that will be the starting point and the focus of my line.

Uncomplicated, beautiful and flattering.



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