Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real Design

There are many things to consider when creating a collection. It's one thing when you work for a major company and another when you are trying to start your own with very limited sources. Having said that one of the things that I have to consider is that I have to limit my fabric choices and colors for my line and maximize it's use. There are several fabrics I have in mind, Cotton/Silk (Sateen Finish) for skirts and dresses, Mercerized Jersey for Knit Tops and 100% Silk for Blouses and Cotton-Linen for Outerwear.

Basic Design elements will consist of banded tops, you will see the V-shape making a presence through out the line in various forms, clean lines, and color! It's my way of merging the some elements of Japanese Design Influence with Jackie's Classic Style. I bet that sounds weird, lol but again I just love the beauty of clean lines and the simplicity that makes a woman's figure look that much better. It's not complicated and I love that. I'm gonna give it a shot!

When I visited the GIDC's showroom I noticed that the Designers had chosen l a lot of black. I know it's NYC and all but color was missing! I want to draw attention to my line through beautiful color and taking the advice of the GIDC I am focusing narrowly so I have chosen only four colors: Ivory, Yellow, Pink and Navy.

It's looking as though I would like to launch this for Spring '11. To me this is all very real, for real women with the purpose of actually making even a little bit of money so I can launch a second season. If I wouldn't wear it, it's not gonna be on the line.

This is a collection meant to be worn, not just admired! It's not a sculpture it's clothing for real women.

Check back soon for more design updates


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