Thursday, July 9, 2009

Making Samples

The last time I did any sort of pattern making was in 2001 my last year in college. So I decided that since I don't have a job and I do want to make samples of my designs I should start making my own patterns. I wish I had the money to go ahead and work with a factory and have wonderful older ladies with 20 years+ experience working on my designs but.......I don't. It went really well. I drafted the slopers for the front and back bodice and front and back skirt. I still need to draft slopers for a dress, sleeve and likewise for knits. I won't say that it was fun, but I will say that it felt good to draft again.

Overall I feel more connected to the world of fashion now than I ever did when I was working full time, strange but true. I guess it's because now I have time to enjoy it, time to check out the latest runway shows (online of course) and time to read the reviews, trends and check out stores. I definitely didn't have time for all this when I worked full time. Between meeting deadlines and rushing home before the babysitter had to leave I barely had time to take a deep breath and relax. Now I can, with the help of my mother that is lol...

So the plan now is to just make some of the samples myself. The down side is that they might not come out perfect...hey I make mistakes. I hate zippers and I go nuts when seams don't match. The up side is that I can save on money and get this line development thing started somehow. I hate it when people ask to see samples and I don't have any. What kind of a designer am I anyway? Anyway, I'm hoping to change all that now. I promise pictures will be added very soon. I'm anxious to make my sexy racer back dress (see it on my website


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