Friday, July 10, 2009

Sewing Skills

Turns out that my sewing skills are not so rusty after all! I still have it, lol. I was able to work on the top of the lavender dress today and it went pretty well. Tomorrow I hope to work on the skirt and finish it off by Sunday. Everything takes twice as long when you have kids :-/.
The deal with the lavender dress is that I didn't plan it. All I did was go to the fabric store, and look randomly for fabric that inspired me. I went home and started playing with the fabric and molding it into something I like and that is how I came up with the design for the lavender dress. Because I didn't sketch it or plan for it in advance I've had to work a little backwards to finish it. What this all means to me is that I'll be able to accomplish quite a lot when my slopers are done. If this experience is going so well with a garment I didn't plan ahead for then making the samples from my line shouldn't really be a problem.


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