Friday, July 31, 2009

Men's Fall'09 Trends

Ok so finally yesterday my husband and I went to Bergdorf and Bloomingdales to check out what Designers are offering men for Fall '09. I wanted to go to Barney's Co-op as well but my time was limited. Anyway I was disappointed that the offering for men is so small. These stores have so little space dedicated to menswear that sometimes it seems like it's all the same. I wanted to find more variety and interesting things. The obvious was all the purple out there. Armani, Ralph Lauren and Loro Pinana among others are doing purple. I think this is the 2nd year already that purple is still a trend and I'm ready to move on from it. Maybe it's because I already knew a year from know that Designers would be doing it based from the color forecasting sessions I'd attend but yea, I'm ready to move on from Purple. Also I liked the Ralph Lauren Collection. Similar to the women's collection in color, a lot of khaki and black but this time for men it was all about the the motorcycle rider ( I bet there's a cooler term I'm supposed to use for them). But it was cool because it was different from everything else out there, edgy. You know, they did the padding and stuff, even the pants were cool. The Loro Piana Collection in Bergdorf was beautiful as always but I couldn't photograph it. I had to sneak around taking pictures and they caught me, so I had to stop, lol. Oh well. Check out the website to see all pictures related and feel free to comment.



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