Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today I updated my website with pictures taken from my little Trip to Bloomingdales. All I did was take pictures of things I liked or found interesting. Once I put it on my website I realized just how important that was. Going out, checking out what's in stores, staying in the loop of Fashion until I find a job. And at the same time it eliminates the awkwardness of when I'm at an interview and I'm asked "Sooo, what have you been doing during the past couple of months?". The obvious answer would be "looking for a job dummy" but at least now I can say "well I'm still staying on top of the latest trends by checking out the stores and the Designers, updating my website with my designs and Illustrations" etc...

So the plan is to go either tomorrow or Thursday and do 'Part Deux' of my shopping trip. This time for Men. This will be an on-going thing every season for both Men and Women. And of course I know this is something every Designer must do regardless but people really do take for granted how hard it is to raise small children. I've got two small girls under the age of 3 where most people in the Fashion Industry are single or don't have kids. It's a different lifestyle. They get to go out for drinks or to the gym or whatever. When the clock strikes 5 or 6 at the latest you bet I have to rush home from work cause the babysitter needs to leave.

I'm constantly pushing myself to do things and stay busy aside from the work of raising my girls. During the last three days I've been challenging myself to try and run/jog/walk in the morning. Of course this means I have to do it with the girls. Get up early, change them, feed, then I get ready, set up the stroller and off I go with two girls, 1 stroller and away we go!

Tomorrow will be another day. I'll do my best to stay focused and motivated. I truly believe that when you look good you feel good. Feeling good can come in different forms, can be clothing that makes you feel good or your health. If you're feeling sad, get your hair done, make-up, nails, brows and feel the difference! It's easy to fall in a rut when everyday is the same, monotony isn't good. There's a saying, let's see if I get it right, "If you do everything the same every time, the result will always be the same" something like that. I think it's true, so I strive for change when I don't like the results I'm getting.



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