Thursday, July 2, 2009

What to name my line?

What do I call my line. This week I have seen two new businesses start up with great names that are simple and speak in very simple terms what the product is about.

Ok so what should be the name of my business? Well for starters the line if for me. It's a line that I'd wear to work, wear out at night to dinner or social gathering, corporate dinner etc...

Who am I, I'm a Modern Latina! I was born and raised here in NYC by my family who instilled in me first and formost my Dominican Culture. So the line is Modern but I'm also using bright and tropical colors in the line. Living in NYC it's so easy to get caught up in Black and Neutral colors that it's refreshing to see women wear clothes that are bright and make you feel happy.

Ok that's a start, Modern Latina....I'm not saying that's the name of the line but I need to elaborate and continue brainstorming along those lines.


preppygoesrock said...

i think the name you should give your line is your own name.. its the chicest thing ever.. i would love to be your model!!!!
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